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Our Filming & Photoshoot Policy

The purpose of the Filming Policy at 42 The Calls Hotel provides a comprehensive film and photoshoot liaison policy and service, so that space and facilities at each hotel and restaurant can be used by external media production organisations as film locations, without disruption or cost to hotel.


  • To provide a service that takes into account the complex requirements of production companies in utilising film / photoshoot locations, the physical resources of the hotels and restaurants that might be suitable for their requirements, and the interests of the hotel and restaurant in-resident guests and staff
  • To minimise disruption of normal hotel activities.
  • To provide and control general access to the hotels exterior locations and to provide limited access to interior locations for commercial production companies producing feature films, commercials, still photography and general entertainment programs. To preserve the reputation and public image of the hotel.

Requests for Filming

Please send your requests for filming to our General Manager here at 42 The Calls: reservations@42thecallshotel.com


  • No film location requests will be approved which seriously disrupt the normal activities of the hotels and restaurants.
  • No major set construction or alteration of buildings will be permitted. Any set decoration must be clearly specified in writing and all areas occupied in connection with the filming must be returned to their normal condition.
  • The production company is responsible for maintaining adequate public and employer’s liability insurance against accident, injury to its employees and third parties, third party loss, damage and all other risks normally insured against by others carrying on a similar business.
  • Production agencies filming locations which require auxiliary sources of power must use silenced generators and suspend or cover all cables at their own expense.
  • It is the commercial production company’s responsibility to apply for any external filming licenses required for the surrounding property areas, for example, partial or full road closures.
  • A program script must be submitted prior to the commencement of filming so it can be assessed that the filming will not damage the reputation or image of the business.
  • Neither employees of 42 The Calls nor in-house guests are to be approached to appear in the production unless by prior arrangement.

Fees and other charges

  • Bedrooms will be charged at the usual room charge rate should the room be required from 2pm to 11am the following day. Should you require a day hire of the room (for example 9am – 6pm) the room is blocked off by the hotel the night before and after to ensure early / late access. This incurs an additional room night charge (i.e. 2 nights). Charges can be viewed on www.42thecallshotel.com
  • Conference rooms and facilities, the restaurants and bar areas will be charged at either a half day, full day (8 hours) or 24 hours depending on your requirements. Prices are outlined https://www.42thecallshotel.com/meetings-and-events/
  • Communal spaces such as the corridors, reception / lobby areas, the honesty bar, stairways, lifts and main guest toilets will be charged on a bespoke basis.
  • If filming is scheduled through the night, there may be an additional night porter charge for a member of our staff to accompany your team.
  • Whenever a location fee is being charged, a ‘Contract for Filming’ agreement will be entered into between the hotel or restaurant, and the production agency.
  • All arrangements, including the payment of the location fees and evidence of insurance must be completed at least 48 hours prior to the commencement of filming.
  • Should additional fees be incurred during the filming, such as refreshments or damage to property, they will be invoiced after the event on a 30-day period.

Cancellations & Exceeding Time Allocation

  • If the event is cancelled more than 8 weeks prior to the photographic shoot, there is no cancellation fee.
  • If cancellation notice is 8-10 weeks prior to the event, then 50% is payable by the Client
  • If cancellation notice is 4-7 weeks prior to the event, then 75% is payable by the Client
  • If cancellation notice is 2-3 weeks prior to the event, then 90% is payable by the Client
  • If cancellation notice is under one week prior to the event, then 100% is payable by the Client
  • If the event runs over the agreed time allocated, an additional hourly fee will be applicable.

Public Relations

Please email this form back to reservations@42thecallshotel.com upon completion. Should your filming request be a public relations opportunity, contact: reservations@42thecallshotel.com