Leeds is a great city but of course, we would say that! A lot of major cities in the UK are resplendent with delights both fine and frugal, but we think Leeds ticks all of the boxes that would compel anyone to put it on their must-visit list. The below is but a summary of what Leeds has going for it, but we hope we can tempt you with a visit upon reading.


1. Gamer’s Paradise: We probably aren’t the first to realise that play, regardless of age or social status, has become of fundamental importance in recent years. As a result, escape rooms and retro gaming lounges have popped up all over the place and Leeds is no exception. Regardless of your preference, the chances are you’re going to find what you’re looking for in our city – be it Cluedo or Laser-tag.

2. Nature Walks: Leeds isn’t just a buzzing metropolitan hub but a sprawling district of green spaces and interesting walking routes. There are a number of woodlands that border our suburbs and it doesn’t take long at all from here to reach the Yorkshire Dales if you really want to get lost. There are gentle rambles, stifling hikes and a whole range in-between that will suit people no matter their age or ability.

3.  Drinking: It’s no secret that Leeds knows how to party, and not just any party but all kinds of party depending on what your notion of fun looks like. The famous Otley Run is partaken by thousands of students and sports fans every week although you don’t really need a reason…There is also a cornucopia of pubs and bars to choose from in Leeds City Centre (but also in every village within Leeds) so you can never get bored on a night out, you need only move onto the next one!

4. Food: Trinity Kitchen in Leeds was a revelation for the city when it opened in 2013 but this represents only a tiny fraction of the diversity of flavours on offer in the city centre and wider district. Restaurateurs and street food merchants alike from all over the country make their pilgrimage to Leeds for the abundant food festivals that take place across the year including Leeds Indie Food, the Great Yorkshire Vegan festival, and let’s not forget the cheese fest…

5. Music: Leeds is renowned for its music scene, for the stadium shows and box-room gigs, for the festivals and for the record shops that were there before they were cool (again). Whether you’re warming up in front of some live music at a pub or you’re dressed to the nines for that show you’ve been waiting for months to see, Leeds has you covered.

6. Architecture: Like many major cities in the North, much of Leeds architecture reflects success and prosperity during the Industrial Revolution of the 19th century. Having said that, the city has continued in its success and has blessed its citizens and visitors with buildings styled in the many architectural movements that followed. You don’t need to pay for an expensive walking tour to discover this, you need only look up.

7. Vintage Shopping: The increasing awareness of throwaway fashion and unethical clothing manufacture processes have driven many people into charity shops, thrift stores and vintage boutiques. Leeds overfloweth for those who don’t mind a bit of second-hand garb in perfectly good condition that would otherwise go to waste. Visiting Blue Rinse is considered a rite of passage for many Leeds teens but there’s plenty more on offer, and there are also a number of ‘kilo sales’ that take place where you can buy according to clothing weight, guaranteeing welly for your wonga!

8. Something for Everyone: Not necessarily something to do here but important, nonetheless. We are proud to be accessible to all in Leeds so whether you’re a parent grappling with young fidgety children or pets, if you haven’t a penny to your name, or if you have a disability, there will be something for you to experience that won’t hold you back from fully immersing yourself and enjoying it to the fullest.

9. Art Scene: We are proud to be a city bursting at the seams with arts and culture from all walks of life. Along with Leeds College of Art which constantly churns out new generations of Picassos, Rothcoes and Hockneys, we have numerous galleries and public art trails just waiting to be explored. There’s also a lot of street art around, lurking down backstreets and under bridges. If you come to Leeds to spend your cash on beautiful works of art, then you’ll be delighted by the print fairs and print workshops that occur all year long.

10. Outdoor Activities: For the outdoorsmen and women reading this who consider Leeds to be strictly cosmopolitan city-break territory may be pleasantly surprised to know that there’s a lot of ways to get muddy and embrace your inner wild-child. We have mountain bike trails and cycling events, Go-ape and also the aforementioned green spaces and woodlands to run, frolic and play in.


You may have noticed that we haven’t provided you with a specific go-to list here but that’s because we want you to come here to find out for yourself! Nevertheless, we will be posting about a range of really cool events taking place throughout the year, so you needn’t feel too bereft if Leeds is simply out of reach for you at the moment. We look forward to seeing you soon!