Leeds Events 2019

It is of no exaggeration to say that 2019 is going to be a jam-packed year for Leeds in terms of events and there is something for everyone to enjoy. Keep reading for an overview of some of the awesome main events that we are especially looking forward to that are taking place in our city.


Leeds Young Film Festival, Various Venues, 26th March – 5th April

The first event we want to shout about is the Leeds Young Film Festival – a great opportunity for the whole family to get into movies together. In addition to the many screenings on offer, children and adults alike can attend lots of different workshops, live shows, VR experiences, and drop-in activities. Tickets are only £3 so won’t break the bank either and guarantees that no matter how fussy your kids can be a fun day out can be had by all. The Leeds Young Film Festival takes place over the Easter period and provides the perfect solution to keeping the little (and no so little) ones entertained during the school holidays. For more information, visit the LYFF website here:



Live at Leeds, Various Venues, 4th May

For a highly rocking good time, we couldn’t recommend Live at Leeds more. The music scene in Leeds is well-known and respected around the world, and LAL is a true celebration of this with the more low-key gigs you might catch at the Brudenell, the Leeds Beckett Student’s Union, or the Fox and Newt. That’s not to say that the line-up will not bring the noise, in fact you might need to bring earplugs because these kids do not mess around. There are many more acts to be announced yet but for now, look forward to stamping your feet to Metronomy, Tom Grennan, Sunara Karma, Black Honey, Dream Wife, and Ibibio.


Leeds Indie Food, City-wide, Throughout May

For those active on social media, you may have already noticed one of Leeds Indie Food’s excellent marketing campaigns for the annual festival that brings together every flavour under the sun, devoid of corporate restaurant culture. A true celebration of our Leeds and the communities within them, and with venues across the district, there are plenty of events to be getting your teeth into regardless of your preferences or budget. The dates for the 2019 event haven’t been announced yet but you can check out their website, and very cool merch.



Leeds Pride, Briggate, 4th August

We love our LGBT* community in Leeds who have been a firmly established part of our identity for decades, and there’s no better way to celebrate that than with a great big party. This event brings in huge swathes of people into the city every year: young or old, gay or straight, boy, girl, or something in-between – Leeds Pride is an excellent demonstration of tolerance, love and respect evident within the wider community. Prior to the main event, there will be a parade: a traditional cornerstone of the day, held in solidarity for those in the LGBT* community whose rights are still being challenged within their families, their town, or even their countries!


Leeds Festival, Bramham Park, 23rd – 24th August

For music fans from across the UK, Leeds festival is a highlight of the national calendar, never mind Leeds! There is only a limited line-up at the moment but already there is a fabulous selection of bands and artists from various genres including Foo Fighters, Bastille, The Distillers, The 1975, Post Male, Twenty One Pilots, and Bowling for Soup. Camping out with thousands of young people may be right up your street and have been waiting for an excuse to get really muddy, but otherwise you could always travel there and back, and stay in a hotel perhaps…



Thought Bubble

If you’ve already heard of Thought Bubble you may think it’s just a huge gathering of comic-book nerds and cosplayers but there’s so much more to it than that. There is certainly plenty of comic books to be perused, and even opportunities to meet the artists behind them (bring a Sharpie to get your stuff signed!), but there are also talks, workshops, and art aplenty – a true feast for the senses. Thought Bubble is great for mum and dad too, so you don’t need to worry about being bored to tears, chances are you’ll find something that captivates you!


Light Night

Light night is an annual council-run event that uses the beautifully simple medium of light to create something truly magical. Using Leeds landmark buildings as canvases, light effects transform them into romantic visions or thrillingly ghoulish apparitions. Over two evenings in October, the whole family can explore indoor and outdoor marvels by artists from all over the country – last year there were more than 70 exhibitions to enjoy, so definitely something worth your time.

The dates haven’t been released yet, but you can find out more information here: