As consumers of hotel experiences ourselves we probably don’t think too deeply about the various functions that take place beneath the veneer of customer service and the elegant aesthetic features of the room that we’re staying in in addition to its communal areas. However, most hotels run like a tight ship with multiple operations taking place with military efficiency on a daily basis, and probably the most regimented of these is the food service. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and room service – a good hotel makes all of these from scratch from fresh ingredients and this is no easy feat when hosting many guests with varying tastes and eating habits.

A large number of hotels, particularly chains and larger premises, outsource their food service to private catering businesses to allow hotel management to focus on the other major facets of hotel operations such as bookings, preparing rooms and ensuring an optimum customer service. Others rent out their dining and kitchen spaces to restaurateurs’ businesses so that food provision, and hopefully a good bar, can be potentially available all day and night to hotel guests in close proximity with their room – a convenient option for hoteliers, food businesses and customers alike! However, there are downsides to both of these options, as with every partnership comes greater compromise, and for a hotel with a specific vision or aesthetic they run the risk of detracting from the je ne sais quoi that makes them who they are.

Nevertheless, all hotels are different and so each orchestrate the enormous task of feeding their guests well, with high-quality presentation and delivery, differently according to their priorities. For 42 The Calls Hotel we have a bespoke in-house solution to drive maximum efficiencies in the run up to our revamp due to take place later this year. This allows guests to make specific requests (in advance) at meal times and creates a much more personal experience between our hospitality staff and those who get to enjoy what they create.

Likewise, our room service is more attentive than you could expect in a more commercial hotel due to the intimacy of our offering. Eventually, 42 The Calls will be kitted out with a variety of hospitality options for guests and external customers alike including an exclusive rooftop bar, in addition to a restaurant and coffee shop. Needless to say, this will result in a big change in the way we delivery our food service currently but in the meantime, there is still plenty to enjoy in boutique luxury.

For example, our Mother’s Day Afternoon will be coming up in the last weekend of March where patrons have the opportunity to experience a little decadence by the river Aire with their mum; decked out with tea, sandwiches, cakes, prosecco and a fantastic atmosphere for catching up and sharing wonderful memories. We still have plenty of spaces for this available for this so don’t wait – check out our Mother’s Day Afternoon Tea offer here:

42 The Calls Hotel offers afternoon tea all year long but for Mother’s Day there isn’t a minimum number of diners, so you can enjoy our sublime hotel food service with just you and mum for a session of ultimate quality time. for you at the moment. We look forward to seeing you soon!