42 The Calls Hotel is fortunate to call Leeds home as a leading metropolitan force of the North which regularly pulls people up from the Big Smoke and surrounding Southern towns and cities, as well as from abroad, such is its international appeal. Businesses bosses, council leaders and other big influencers of the city know this full well and are happy to capitalise on its popularity with new and exciting developments for its citizens and visitors to enjoy.

The following details represent but a small handful of construction projects going on currently, the results of which we think our guests will particularly enjoy and benefit from.

Wellington Place

Until recently, Wellington Place was a bit of a nook within Leeds’ financial district but this area little-known to most has been chosen to be the new government hub for the region.

The plans due to be fully executed in 2020 involve constructing two buildings, 7 and 8 Wellington Place, equating to 378,000sq. ft, and will house NHS Direct and HM Revenue and Customs.

The move will bring 6,000 new positions into the civil service sector within Leeds and is guaranteed to boost the local economy too!

We hope that introducing the new Wellington Place Government Hub to Leeds will also bring with it all new opportunities to visit the city on business initially, but with its excellent staying power encourage people to hang around for pleasure.

The Majestic

Most people in Leeds awoke to the news of tragedy on the 30th of September 2014 as The Majestic, a once-famous nightclub and former theatre had been set ablaze in an apparent arson attack on the long-abandoned but much-loved venue.

It has remained standing as a husk of its former self, until now that is.

Lucky businesses in the area (and outside of it!) will be pleased to know that the Majestic is now in the process of being entirely renovated into highly desirable office space that will beautifully combine the contemporary with its delightful heritage features, typical of the Roaring Twenties.

Rushbond are the brains behind this venture along with Sir Robert McAlpine’s property development business, who aim to have the revamp complete by the end of this year – if you’re nearby at the train station you could even steal a glance of its progress!

White Cloth Hall

Anyone familiar with the recent Victoria Gate development in Leeds may also have happened across the neighbouring street of Kirkgate.

Beautifully framed by the railway bridge, and nearby the Corn Exchange and Leeds Market, this ancient-looking street doesn’t appear like it has been touched since it rose during the Industrial Revolution.

A couple of cheerful businesses keep footfall ticking away down this road, but this year it has been promised a new lease of life.

The £2 million restoration aims to showcase the old First White Cloth Hall, which used to be a commercial focal point for Leeds, as a modern landmark and community space featuring a central courtyard and assembly space.

Leeds Playhouse

Formerly known as the West Yorkshire Playhouse, Leeds is claiming the nationally adored theatre for its own, with a new name and a gorgeous redevelopment to boot – it is due to be completed by end of Summer 2019.

The site, built in 1990, is going to receive a much-needed facelift to bring this cultural centre right into the modern day and will apex the up and coming SOYO housing district developing alongside it within the Quarry Hill area.

The £15.8 million price tag is more than worth it, not just for the aesthetic improvements but for the addition of a new 100-seat space called the Bramall Rock Void for productions and creative engagement projects, and also for addressing prior accessibility issues, ensuring everyone has access to brilliant theatre without limitations.

Emerald Headingly Stadium

Last but not least, rugby and cricket fans rejoice!

The Emerald Headingly Stadium has been given the green light to increase the capacity of its dual-purpose venue – the current 90-year-old stand is going to be replaced with a contemporary double-sided one capable of seating 4,200 people for cricket and 3,800 people for rugby.

Rhinos fans can get even more excited because they will also be getting a new South Stand that can house 7,700!

These important redevelopments are expected to total £40 million but are essential for the major international events taking place in the next couple of years, including the 2019 Cricket World Cup and the 2021 Rugby League World Cup – huge sporting events that Leeds are very proud to be hosting to say the least.

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