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Yorkshire Dales

The Yorkshire Dales is a place of outstanding scenery, wildlife, and cultural heritage. The park stretches from the Pennines to Cumbria, and is a very special place to explore.

The natural beauty of the Dales is unrivalled, with wildflowers, scrubs and trees decorating the landscape. There are animals of many species in the National Park, including a number of birds living in the moorland.

Amid miles of undulating country land, there are villages and hamlets, which are also a part of the Dales. Many of them have been there for thousands of years and are very charming destinations to discover.

Visiting The Yorkshire Dales from 42 The Calls

Leeds is about an hour away from the southern tip of the Dales, from there, there is much to be explored in all directions. 42 The Calls is in the centre of Leeds and after a day trekking the moors and parks of the Dales, you will find a warm welcome with us.