Christmas Dining at 42 The Calls Hotel

A great benefit of staying at 42 The Calls Hotel over the Christmas period is the opportunity to exclusively pre-book our River Room and dine on the wonderful and varied delights of our Christmas menu. Being as advantageously located as we are, we have access to the freshest of ingredients thanks to our proximity to Leeds Market, and we source all of our meat from Wetherby’s Sykes House Farm.

The menu has been thoughtfully constructed for the festive season, the contents of which are all hand-crafted and made to order, including Chocolate Brownie Santa Hats alongside the classics such as Turkey Roulade, Baked Lemon Salmon, and Stuffed Butternut Squash for the vegetarians – with all the trimmings of course!

We have a generous set menu at £29.95 per person, or buffet option at £20 per person, for our lovely guests to enjoy. We hope you get stuck in and bathe in the Christmas-lit ambience and riverside views, along with some truly delicious yuletide fare.